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About IATT

Ishaq Abdulla Tyres Trading L.L.C. was established in 2007, aiming for the complete satisfaction of customer needs focusing on tyre trading. IATT has a history of extending its business from 2007 in the market. As the quote goes ‘Success is not obtained overnight, it comes in installments’, IATT grew and achieved success. Mr. Eshagh Abdulla Sedaghat, a member of a virtuous trading family started the firm with long sight vision and commitments, accompanying only a fewer staff with him. Export and wholesale supply were the areas that were focused by IATT at initial stage of the business. The consistent effort helped to capture the ideology of the market.

In 2007, it started the first service center incorporating the services like Tyres, Lubricants and Batteries etc. As the first service center achieved success quickly, the pavement to the second service center became easy. In 2011, IATT extended its business and opened a new branch in Al Quoz which started elaborating the services to other major parts of Dubai.

As times got on ticking IATT became masters in the wholesale industry, attracting the client-ships with major co-operative groups in the UAE covering a variety of reputed industries. This led to the successful establishment of third service center in the Dubai Investment Park.

Now, IATT is having numerous staffs with huge ground stock. IATT is attracting the clients in all domains due to express service and delivery capability with the aid of modern infrastructure. By offering the customers the excellence of standard service with expertise, IATT dedicated itself in the tyre industry as the service solution provider. Since 2007, in the industry IATT has grown in all disciplines achieving an excellent reputation covering customers in major parts of UAE.

IATT has a huge ground capacity providing a diversity of tyres in all domains specifically passenger, SUV, HP, UHP, off-road, truck and Industrial tyres. Along with this, IATT also provides a one-stop solution for multiple brands. IATT has a ground stock of all major brands which makes it unique in the market. All the products are directly from the authentic agencies leaving zero tolerance in the trust of quality.

The legendary of IATT does not settle in the quality of products alone but widens itself in the service field effortlessly. IATT is having the aid of latest technology and types of equipment's to support the customer’s satisfaction. The qualified technicians with no compromise in the customer satisfaction make the grade higher in this industry. The quality consultancy service removes the complication in the customers for choosing and taking necessary steps.

IATT now remains as the sole tyre industry which includes the competitive price, which is the major concern of large client group of wholesale and retail industry. The bullet service or spot delivery for tyre traders makes IATT a trusted partner for them. Moreover the supplemental services like the battery, oil change, onsite services etc. makes IATT stand firm in the market.